The Major of Material Physics was established in 2005. There’re now 33 faculty members in the Major department, where PhD degree recipients account for 78%, including 6 professors, 6 associate professors, and 3 national/provincial leveled talents. In 2019, the “Materials Physics Elite Class” was established with the assistance of the University of Chinese Academy of Science (UCAS, Chongqing), aiming to optimize the student training program. In the same year, the Major of Material Physics was certificated as a construction pilot of the first-rate major of Chongqing. In 2021, it was approved as professional master's degree authorization organization of physics discipline. A provincial science and education platform, and two graduate tutor teaching teams of Chongqing had also been approved. The undergraduate education program of this major now mainly focus on smart materials, including energy materials, electronic information materials and photoelectric materials. The students of the Materials Physics Major are taught and trained in corresponding professional courses with the goal of talent cultivating in the fields of energy materials industries. The teaching team of the Materials Physics Major had established 4 top-level courses and ideological teaching courses of Chongqing. The objective based education (OBE) has been implemented by cooperating companies in the field of energy materials, e.g., Ntenumi Technology Co., LTD., State power Investment Corporation Limited (SPIC) of Chongqing, Terui Battery Co., LTD., Mingtu Optical Technology Co., LTD, Jinmei New Material Technology Co., LTD (JIMAT), etc. The research interests of the Major cover the theories and application of high-performance new energy materials, the structural design of fire-retardant functional materials, performance prediction of luminous functional materials, etc.


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